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  • Stuff for other OCs
    [published: Dec 22, 2015]

    Why are you here? Not in the spiritual sense, but in the why did you bother with the quiz sense. Why would…

  • Stuff for some OCs
    [published: Jun 27, 2015]

    So, this is just me rambling about stuff, and you aren't probably reading this or even on this page so…

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  • What the heck is up
    " bwub her"
  • bleeeghhhh
    "currently in study block rn, and finishing a project for technology foundations. after this i gotta get my next project concept submitted |D..."
  • My art
    "that homestuck is so good!!! :0"
  • What the heck is up
  • What the heck is up
    "bruh ................ thanmk! I start my last year of hs on teusday and im Oof and its affecting how much i draw qnq"
  • What the heck is up
    " im dead "
  • House of the gods.
    "Dragan was already in the Cornucopia, hours before the sun would even think of rising. Not of his own volition- not usually. His body natura..."
  • House of the gods.
  • What the heck is up
    " dunno if"
  • What the heck is up
    " realized i nev"
  • What the heck is up
    " remade an "
  • "Nowhere"
  • House of the gods.
    "Name (& pronunciation): Dragan Dragičević-Nemesis (drah gahn drag eech a vic nem is is) Date of Birth (& age): O"
  • uhhhhhhhggggggg
    "i feel so DEAD and it SUCKS how dare i not be the epitome of perfection, i say, the person with anxiety, depression, and adhd we"
  • House of the gods.
    "i was askin for the og, dw UwU"

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