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  • Stuff for other OCs
    [published: Dec 22, 2015]

    Why are you here? Not in the spiritual sense, but in the why did you bother with the quiz sense. Why would…

  • Stuff for some OCs
    [published: Jun 27, 2015]

    So, this is just me rambling about stuff, and you aren't probably reading this or even on this page so…

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  • What the heck is up
    "1. Thank you so much. I'm a ho for validation 2. Oh fucc u right! I never played, but my boyf loves it, 3. *d a b*"
  • What the heck is up
    "Just gonna post some of my recent decent stuff to start off lmao (All of it is gonna b off of my tumblr bcs im on my phone and lazy)"
  • "Theyre highkey wack fhfhd Hell yeah, gonna become #active again"
  • "oh fucc boutta head outt the school"
  • "feelin a lot of emotions- kinda embarrassed im using this forum on a school sanctioned computer, kinda hopin ill be able to talk to some fol..."
  • "yo! how are you doing on this fine day"
  • "its kiiinda bull that the faculty force us to stay in the school till 11:35 but what can you do \:/"
  • "also holy hell i gotta stop skippin my meds bcs im in withdrawal crazy bad"
  • "no but like coming back here is always f---in wild when I first got here? I was a whole ass nine year old living her best "
  • "he hewwo"
  • A Pirates life
    "Galen raises his brow at Curse, but continues doing what he's doing. He's, admittedly, never met this dealer, so he has his gun is things go..."
  • A Pirates life
    "Galen quickly exits ship. He knows his resources well, and knows where to get his supplies at the cheap. The suppliers are, rather backalley..."
  • A Pirates life
    "Six rounds, wasted into the water. That's fine, and Galen's time working with children totally hasn't made him more impulsive. What does yee..."
  • Pokemon Roleplay
    ""Johto. It's right next to Kanto." He had a feeling Lake didn't know the regions."
  • Pokemon Roleplay
    "Planes has been Big Depression so he hasn't been able to rp stuff. Anyways, Drakes been following the team around. Fighting rattata. He feel..."

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