Disney Test (HARD)

You might think you know Disney, but there are few true Disney fans. What is a Disney fan? A Disney fan is someone who knows a lot of details about Disney.

Are YOU a Disney fan? Do you know every millisecond about every single movie? Do you have a great Disney memory? You have always wondered the real truth. Well take this quiz and find out!

Created by: du99999

  1. Tinker Bell is friends eith Peter
  2. When is Frozen 2 coming out?
  3. Ratituelle is a rat
  4. In Newsies, Racetrack was in the newspaper
  5. Racetrack from Newsies is from New York
  6. In Cinderella, what material were Cinderella's slippers?
  7. In which movie was the song When You Wish Upon A Star?
  8. Which is the main character in Frozen?
  9. Who helped Aladdin disguise as a prince?
  10. BONUS Who was the villain in The Lion King?

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