How Much Of A Disney Fan Are You?

There are plenty of people who call themselves Serious Disney Fanatics, do you have what it takes? Who knows (maybe i do), but what i do know for sure is that this quiz includes a ton about Disney so go get your Tsum Tsums and lets do this.

Do you like Disney enough to be considered a fanatic? Do you have enough Disney knowledge to get into that precious percent tile? Let's see with this special quiz.

Created by: WorkEasyStudent
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  1. Let's Get Started: Who Is Basil?
  2. What Disney Character plays both Minnie's relative and attempted love interest?
  3. Which Disney Villain's Birth Name means both "Want" and "Trash"
  4. When was Mickey Mouse supposedly created?
  5. Who or what is the antagonist in the movie Pocahontas?
  6. How old was Ariel in the first Little Mermaid movie?
  7. Which one of the following movies had a reprise of a villain song?
  8. Which is NOT a requirement for a Disney Princess?
  9. What celebrity turned down a role in a Disney Movie even though the role wasn't even offered?
  10. Gravity Falls is considered a child friendly version of what show?
  11. How do you pronounce Hiro?
  12. How many journals are there in Gravity Falls?
  13. Where does the movie "The Great Mouse Detective" take place

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Quiz topic: How Much Of A Disney Fan am I?