How Disney Hollywood Studios savvy are you?

There are Disney fans, and then there are DISNEY FANS! We need to see who has been doing their Disney Homework and who needs to brush up before the new lands open.

Do you have what it takes to conquer this quiz??? Have you been smothered in Pixie Dust since babyhood? This will set apart the pros from the amateurs. Are you Disney Savvy? We will soon find out!

Created by: Mindy
  1. On what date did Disney-MGM Studios open?
  2. Which attraction was not open on opening day?
  3. What Broadway style show opened in an outdoor theater where Sunset Blvd intersects Hollywood Blvd?
  4. Which full service restaurant is based on the real deal that was frequented by the Hollywood elite?
  5. The parades at Disney MGM Studios were originally based on their recently released movies. Which of these movies did not have a parade?
  6. What were the the 1st original names of the lands within Disney MGM Studios?
  7. Which attraction was first imagined to go where Hollywood Twilight Zone Tower of Terror is today?
  8. As an extension of Sunset Blvd, what land was proposed in the area were Rock n Rollercoaster stands today?
  9. Which movie would have been featured in Toontown?
  10. When did The Hollywood Tower of Terror Hotel open it's doors to guests?
  11. How many inversions are there on Rock N Rollercoaster
  12. Which attraction based on a hit TV game show used to be where Toy Story Midway Mania is today?
  13. Before Bear in the Big House opened, there was a little known bar above that stage, where you could go up, relax, have a drink and stay cool. The steps and elevator are still in the lobby of the Hollywood Brown Derby. What was the name of that bar?
  14. What television sitcom home was featured on the tram portion of the Backlot Tour?
  15. What seasonal event featured over 5 million lights, and delighted people from all over the world from 1995 to Jan 7, 2016?
  16. Where can you watch TV and be bossed around by Mom, Dad, Sis or Brother while you eat?
  17. What was the date that Disney MGM Studios became Disney's Hollywood Studios?
  18. What was the original ICON of Disney MGM Studios?
  19. How long was the Sorcerer's Hat at the end of Hollywood Blvd?
  20. In what attraction could you win a Dream ticket to Hollywood?
  21. When Star Tours reinvented itself into Star Tour, The Adventure Continues, how many different ride sequences were possible?
  22. Where can young Padawans between the ages of 4 and 12 learn to become Jedi Knights?
  23. What attraction at Disney Hollywood Studios allows to you compete against others others also experiencing the ride?
  24. In which attraction at Disney's Hollywood Studios did Lightning McQueen and Mater appear?
  25. Which attractions have closed to make room for Toy Story and Star Wars Lands?

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Quiz topic: How Disney Hollywood Studios savvy am I?