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The Walt Disney World Resort is an enormous entertainment center, near Orlando, FL. It features four theme parks, two water parks, and numerous hotels, restaurants, and shopping venues. People travel from all around the world to experience the Disney magic here. Find our Disney World quizzes below.

Our Walt Disney World Quizzes

  • Which Disney Resort Hotel Might Work Best For Me?
    [by: Mouse Mania Vacations, rated: rated: 3.52/5, published: May 15, 2014]

    Insights from a travel agent. Answer a series of questions to get a personalized recommendation with all the details.

  • How Disney Hollywood Studios savvy are you?
    [by: Mindy, rated: rated: 3.3/5, published: Jun 8, 2017]

    There are Disney fans, and then there are DISNEY FANS! We need to see who has been doing their Disney Homework and who needs to brush up before the new lands…

  • What Disney World Ride Are You?
    [by: Victoria, rated: rated: 3.24/5, published: Jan 27, 2007]

    Have you ever wandered around Walt Disney World and wondered what ride you are most like? You haven't? Well, I'm sure now that I brought it up you are…

  • How Much Do You Like Classic EPCOT?
    [by: NintendoCraftCEC, rated: rated: 2.84/5, published: May 4, 2018]

    Did you visit Epcot in the earlier years of its history? Think you can correctly answer these questions?

  • Walt Disney World Trivia Quiz
    [by: GTQ Guy, rated: rated: 2.4/5, published: Jul 14, 2017]

    15 trivia questions about the WDW parks and history. Disney lovers shouldn't have too much difficulty acing this!

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