How Much Do You Like Classic EPCOT?

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Do you know anything about classic EPCOT? Take this quiz to see your skills an see if you are a EPCOT master! Once you're done, you'll see if you are the master!

Made by NintendoCraftCEC. Dedicated to all the EPCOT fans out there and HorizonParks, the best Minecraft server of all time. Hope you enjoy the quiz folks!

Created by: NintendoCraftCEC
  1. Is it fun to be free?
  2. What is the icon of EPCOT?
  3. When did EPCOT open?
  4. Universe of ______
  5. What is that fountain in the middle of EPCOT?
  6. What was EPCOT's first ever firework show?
  7. What are those pyramids for?
  8. Just make believe...
  9. Base Station ________
  10. Did you like this quiz?

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Quiz topic: How Much do I Like Classic EPCOT?