Which Disney Resort Hotel Might Work Best For Me?

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Whether you're planning your first trip to the Walt Disney World Resort area, or your twentieth, the question often remains, "Where in the World do we stay?" This fun quiz is a series of standard questions we travel agents ask our clients when helping them make that choice. (A few other questions have been thrown in for extra magic!) The hope is that this quiz may help you determine which Walt Disney World Resort property might be best for you!

Planning a trip to the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida? Trying to decide on the perfect resort for you, your family, and friends? This interactive quiz is an unofficial yet fun way to discover which Disney Resort hotel might work best for you! And hey, if you don't get the results you wanted...take the quiz again OR just follow your heart to uncover the magic of your Disney vacation!(This is an unofficial Disney travel quiz compiled by Mouse Mania Vacations & Destination Planning intended for client assessment. It may also be used for entertainment purposes. Find us on Facebook under "Mouse Mania Vacations & Destination Planning".)

Created by: Mouse Mania Vacations
  1. When choosing accommodations for your Walt Disney World vacation, what are you most concerned with?
  2. What is the size of your travel party?
  3. Which of the following is your favorite classic Disney movie?
  4. Which of the following Disney characters do you most easily relate to?
  5. Which of the four parks at the Walt Disney World Resort would you like to spend one night in?
  6. When you return to your hotel for a mid-day break from the parks, what would you most likely do?
  7. What one thing in a resort hotel can you NOT live without?
  8. What best describes your travel personality?
  9. What is your family's favorite type of food/meal to enjoy together?
  10. Which of the following would you most love to visit (or revisit) someday?
  11. What do you enjoy (or hope to enjoy) most about your Walt Disney World vacation?
  12. How many times have you vacationed at the Walt Disney World Resort?
  13. Of the following, which is your favorite Disney movie?
  14. Finish the following sentence: I love___________!

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