How well do you know Tokio Hotel?

This quiz is for people who are fans of Tokio Hotel and to test whether they are true fans of Tokio Hotel or just rookies. So the quiz is also to let them give a try to see their results of being Tokio Hotel fans

Let's see if the Tokio Hotel fans really know every fact about Tokio Hotel by answering 10 questions about them. After you are done with answering, you will get your result. Good luck

Created by: LoveAllTheStars
  1. How many members are there in Tokio Hotel?
  2. Where did Tokio Hotel make their "Automatic" music video?
  3. When is Bill Kaulitz's birthday?
  4. What instrument does Tom Kaulitz play in the band?
  5. Who is the oldest member in the band?
  6. When did Tokio Hotel release their first English album "Scream"?
  7. Where is Bill and Tom Kaulitz's birthplace?
  8. Which live music video was released on June 24th 2010?
  9. Which country did Tokio Hotel perform a concert along with Katy Perry and The Wonder Girls in MTV World Stage 2010?
  10. Where did Tokio Hotel their second live album "Humanoid City Live"?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Tokio Hotel?