What WDW Visitor Archetype Are You?

We all look at some types of Guests at the world's largest resort - from those who have whiny children, those who madly love Disney, those brandishing flags whose parties chant loudly, and those who shouldn't have done Disney in the first place.

Because many of us came to know, love, loathe, and not care about Walt Disney World, here's the internal question - what Walt Disney World Guest archetype are you? Take this quiz and see who you really are.

Created by: Tiffany J. L. Alfonso
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  1. Which Disney Park do you tend to favor the most?
  2. What do you think grinds fellow Guests' gears?
  3. What is likely your favorite Disney ride?
  4. Suppose you are watching Fantasmic! at DHS. What's your favorite part?
  5. Which Disney Character would you likely favor?
  6. Sorry for asking, but what's your favorite color?
  7. How well can you tolerate attraction queue lines?
  8. When's the best time to do Disney?
  9. How do you describe the attractions in all four parks?
  10. What Disney song best fits your life?
  11. What essentials do you usually bring in the parks?
  12. Finally - have you been to Walt Disney World?

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Quiz topic: What WDW Visitor Archetype am I?