Are you a TRUE Disney know-it-all?

Disney World. The happiest place on Earth. Home to 4 Theme Parks. Everyone loves Disney World! It's so relaxing to go there and hop on some of the rides.

Well, I hope you're not having too much fun; because there's many secret things you may not see unless you pay attention. Good luck! (WARNING: THIS IS ABOUT DISNEY WORLD, NOT DISNEY LAND.)

Created by: Ethan
  1. What two parks do the monorails go to?
  2. In what season was Magic Kingdom opened to the public for the first time?
  3. Which statement is true?
  4. Are there any roller coasters at Disney World that have at least ONE loop?
  5. Does Disney allow chewing gum?
  6. Which opened first?
  7. Who has their name in a ride located in Toontown Fair?
  8. What is referred to as "These Little Beauties" in the Soarin' preshow?
  9. Which ride opened opening day?
  10. Order all the parks in order from first opened to last opened. a)Animal Kingdom b)EPCOT c)MGM Studios d)Magic Kingdom
  11. After Illuminations, what happens?
  12. Order the Test Track tests in order from first to last. a)Break Test b)Hill Climb c)Chambers d)Rough Road
  13. Which statement is true?
  14. Order the things you'll see on the Transit Authority. a)Carousel of Progress b)Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin c)Walt's Vision of the Future d)Space Mountain
  15. HARDEST ONE! If you are points away from a Galactic Hero (highest rank) in Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin, what is your name?
  16. How many countries are in world showcase?

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Quiz topic: Am I a TRUE Disney know-it-all?