How well do you know disney pixar cars

Everyone knows the cars is the best film made from the disney pixar film company they even know cars 2 is coming next month any way this quiz will test how good your cars knowledge is to see if you are a true fan.

this quiz is a mixed variety of easy and hard questions there are only 10 but that's okay anyway are you a true cars fan like me are you the true disney cars expert king in just a few minutes you will find out!

Created by: benjamin
  1. what did lightning dream of winning?
  2. who caused a big pile up on the road?
  3. which little town did lightning speed into?
  4. what did lightning have to do before he could leave?
  5. in the game cars race o rama what was chick's plan to win the piston cup?
  6. what is the name of the harvester that chased after lightning and mater when they went tractor tipping?
  7. at the end of the cars film on the los angelas internatinal speedway what did chick try to do to beat the king and come first place?
  8. on the cars toon mater the greater what did mater have to do at the very end?
  9. what are the cars toon stories based on?
  10. no one has ever joined chick's side

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Quiz topic: How well do I know disney pixar cars