Which Disney Princess Do You Look Like?

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Have you ever wondered what Disney princess you looked like? Cinderella? Snow-White? Tiana? Ariel? Belle? Jasmine? Aurora? Fiona? Are you in the middle of watching a Disney princess movie and then you just start thinking, "Oh wow, I look just like Belle." or "Oh my, Tiana, you are so gorgeous-Just like me!"

Or its just that sad moment in life when your like, "I'm ugly, I'll never have a happy ending like those flawless Disney princesses." But that isn't true. EVERYONE has a happy ending, princess or not. If you take this quiz, It will share a Disney princesses love and beauty. You don't have to feel ugly anymore, you can see who you REALLY are. You never have to feel like there is no happy endings in life, because there always is.

Created by: IcyDesignns
  1. What color are your eyes?
  2. What color is your hair?
  3. You are..
  4. What do your lips look like?
  5. What shape is your body like?
  6. What's you're face shape?
  7. Your eyebrows are..
  8. The beautiful dress you will wear would be ________.
  9. Rate & Comment ?(;
  10. Which Disney princess do you like the most? (Based on personality.)

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Quiz topic: Which Disney Princess do I Look Like?