How Well Do You Know Your Disney?

Walt Disney is the creator of Disney. What is Disney? Disney is the most magical thing. As in the DisneyWorld and Disneyland saying it's "Where Dreams Come True."

Are you the ultimate Disney fan? Have you seen the movies; been to the parks? So do you know the facts?! In the next few minutes you will find out if you know your Disney!

Created by: Sammy

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  1. Finish this quote. "Second star to the right. …"
  2. What Wii game is based off a ride in Disneyworld and Disneyland?
  3. What song is this? "Where life is wetter, where life is better, under the sea."
  4. To Peter Pan, what do you need to fly?
  5. What does Pinocchio want to be?
  6. What are Princess Aurora's fairy's names.
  7. What is Walt Disney's full name?
  8. What is the prince name in The Little Mermaid?
  9. What ride in Disneyworld has an Aerosmith song playing during it?
  10. What section of Magic Kingdom is getting re-done or added to?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know my Disney?