How well do you know Disney Princess facts??

There are many people who know about Disney, but very few who know it by heart! I am a geeky Disney whizz and I hope I'm not alone!! I love Disney!! Do you?

Are you a Disney whizz? Do you have the knowledge to accept that title? Until now you can only wonder. But, this quiz can prove how much of a Disney whizz you really are!!

Created by: Tylee M.
  1. What princess lives with dwarves?
  2. Which princess was stolen when she was just a baby?
  3. Which princess has a tiger for a pet?
  4. Which princess has 2 ugly and mean step sisters and an evil step mother?
  5. Which princess has a chameleon named Pascal?
  6. Which princess is married to an Ogre and is one herself?
  7. Which princess turns into a frog?
  8. Which princess can be awoken by true loves kiss?
  9. Which princess meets a man named Eugene?
  10. Which princess meets a Beast and falls in love with him?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Disney Princess facts??