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  • Which akatsuki is your boy friend
    Your Result: Itachi's girl 32%

    Name : yukiko fuyu winter snow child Age: 17 Appernece : black hair to her lower back white eyes with icy blue pupils An akatsuki cloak and an icy blue ninja suit is what she wears Kekki genkai : if she focuses hard enough she can freeze somone from inside PersonlitY : wise , smart , cold How she met itachi : Itachi and kisame were on a mission when they encountered two girls from what itachi had red about the blakc haired girl was that she was from kohona and had left at nine after killing seven jonin The other girl had wiped out two main clans of kiri with a tidal wave then fled at ten They were recruited into the akatsuki were itachi and the girl fell in love

    6% Kisame girl
    0% Deidaras girl
    0% Sasori's girl
    Nice quiz

    Jinx Blackclaw

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