The Godlight test.

This test will tell you if you're a Godlight or not. Answer honestly. Please don't borrow the themes or things from this or related quizzes as its for my book.

You smile at your adopted parents " Hahha very funny joke guys " you laugh but frown as you find yourself paralysed before they walk away they say they are no longer your family and lock you in. A wind picks up around you and yiu scream as you are thrown into a cave wall and then you black out.

Created by: Puppet master12

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  1. You awaken . Your eyes are heavy your muscles are numb . The pain is everywhere coursing through your body. Then you hear it a voice. " Child choose to leave or continue teh choice is yours for now" You nod and decide..
  2. You shake the pain out of your mind as you force yourself up and begin to walk down the dark tunnel. You walk into a wall as the tunnel splits you are given two choices. To continue but lose something Or leave and keep everything but forever be turned away.
  3. You walk through the dark tunnel and suddenly the room you entered is lit up by torches which shows a a marble pedestal. Something tells you to choose one of the three items upon the table. The cloak which has a faint aura around it. The diamond sword which sparkles with the life of modern day tech. Or the old stone sword with a faded gemstone inside of its hilt.
  4. You pick up your item and suddenly you scream as pain courses into your mind. Your worst fear has been used against you what do you do.
  5. The three voices from earlier speak " This my child is your last chance leave forever or stay but be aware many horrors stand in your way" .
  6. You're now falling. Fast. To the bottom of the cave you feel gravity stop and you're halted from the fall. Three mirriors appear before you. The first mirrior is clean and pure it's a blue diamond colour it glows with magic. The second mirrior is dark it seems to be corrupted it is made of a purple stone with a red gem you've never seen before in your life. The final mirrior is a metal similar to silver in colour it has a dragon on it but it is appears to be very old. Which mirror do you choose to go through.
  7. You land in a strange place the world is split into strange precise colours are everywhere teh landscape is torn to prices some on the ground some in the sky. Water in places it shouldn't be the sky where it shouldn't be. You see three paths. One leads to the only city looking place aor und it seems to be safe and unaffected by the surrounding world. The second path is dark and looks to be mildly dangerous it leads to a swamp and possibly somewhere down hill. The final path looks incredibly dangerous It leads through a dark forest and you can see clearly that it definitely does lead down a hill.
  8. As you embark down your chosen path you find yourself suddenly contained in a glass container around you are glowing humanoids taller than a sky scraper they are giving you praise . What do you do.
  9. You see a large tree as you approach a large lake. Suddenly arrows are heading your way but they are moving slow enough for possible escape.
  10. Suddenly light envelope you they ask questions about you . Who you are? What makes you up? They ask about your soul your aura.

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