The Mystery Second-Hand Book Sale

The "Mystery Second-Hand Book Sale Quiz" is a quiz created for all those participating in the "Mystery Second-Hand Book Sale" (which you can read more about at my site). It determines what you feel like reading right now, and helps you make a decision on what you might want to expect from a "Mystery Book" package.

Be relaxed, have fun, this test isn't supposed to stress you out. Remember, the out come is a complete mystery! Of course, it is truly beneficial for those who actually purchase a "mystery book" later on, but otherwise, this is just something fun to do! And who knows, might even give you an idea of what kind of book to pick out when you next visit the library, or a bookstore :3

Created by: aida
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Which of these colors appeal to you?
  2. Do you know any of these Storybook Characters?
  3. If you were outside and hungry, and had a bit of cash on you, where would you stop by to have lunch?
  4. If you had planned a movie night with five of your friends and had to cook for them (being relatively broke) what would you make them?
  5. What kind of coffee do you drink?
  6. If I could be an Anime character, I'd be...
  7. Garbage is...
  8. So you wanna be a ____________.
  9. If the world was to end to day, you would __________.
  10. At the Roof of the world...
  11. I'm in love with...
  12. How many things are in your pocket?
  13. What time of day is it right now?
  14. If I gave you the world, what would you do with it?
  15. apple or orange?
  16. The sea is a vast expanse of is ever flowing, ever moving. What colour is it?
  17. Taken a picture, you realised that you've only got enough space for one more picture, and, you have only a few ecounds left to take it, as your battery is so low. What will you take?
  18. if you could ask anything in the world, and have it, it would be...
  19. "To old, by heaven. Let still the woman take an elder than herself; so sways she level in her husband's heart."
  20. Iced Milo or astronauts?
  21. Okay, something straightforward; Fiction or Non-fiction
  22. Which kind of flower do you like?
  23. *sigh* you know, writing these questions are hard! I never imagined that they would'll give you a question about them: Which one do you like best?
  24. Pick a number. This is a Game of Chance. Pick a number, I will give you the __ book which I think is for you.

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