Could you be an AVON Lady?

I see lots of new people everyday and many of them Laugh at me when I say I Sale AVON. Most people think "oh Avon thats so easy I could do that"! But did you know 1 of every 10 that sign up stay with AVON!

Well think again heres a simple test just to see if you got what it takes to sale Avon! It's I'll say a little hard but if you can get a high score then you should be selling Avon Under ME!

Created by: Heidi
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  1. Avon is known for what product!
  2. Avon puts out new books every "blank"!
  3. Avon doesn't just sale Makeup what other products do they sale?
  4. To become an AVON Rep you have to pay a fee of "Blank" ?
  5. Avons #1 seller in the USA is what?
  6. The best time to Start selling Avon is in what month?
  7. When you are ready to pack an Avon order what would you put in the bag with the order to help your Sales other then a NEW Core Book?
  8. Avon offers what to any sales rep that sign ups?
  9. Avon has another line of product you younger people what is the LINE called?
  10. When you become an Avon rep you are In Business For Yourself Not "blank"
  11. What Product does Avon have to keep bugs away?
  12. Just say you are an Avon Rep what would you put on the back of the Avon book to get orders other then your name?
  13. You can have any AVON Rep sign you up with AVON just not over the internet?
  14. AVON is the Company for Women!
  15. Avon supports what Foundations?
  16. Which of these Celebrity Partners Are With Avon?

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