What will you die from?

Are you a forum addict? Find out here what other caused of death there are related to AVON! This is just for fun! I hope you have fun taking this quiz. I had fun making it up for you! Let me know at the end what you thought!

Did you know that AVON can be dangerous for your health?! Take this quiz to find out what you may die from. This is just for giggles! Post what your outcome is! And let me know what you thought of the quiz!

Created by: Kim
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  1. How long are you on the forums per day?
  2. How many "naughty" pictures have you posted?
  3. How many posts to you have?
  4. Do you drink coffee while reading forums?
  5. How many brochures do you toss each campaign?
  6. What is the latest you stayed up because you were on the forums?
  7. Do you eat sitting in front of the computer-chatting on the forums?
  8. Do you reply to every thread that you click on?
  9. Do you have a Goddess name yet?
  10. Do you also visit the AVON ecomm. forums?
  11. Have you clicked on Suzy Q's AVON web page?

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Quiz topic: What will I die from?