How stressed are you?

Hi everyone :) This is my first quiz, and I hope you guys enjoy it ~ Don't mind reading this paragraph cuz I suck at making them XP...Anyways,do you know how stressed you really are? Stress is a feeling of worry and pressure that is caused by having too much to deal with and as we all know, stress sucks.

This quiz is especially made for girls (guys can take it too, just change all the girl related stuff XP) Take this quiz to tease out your particular tension type

Created by: Ayano_Erizawa
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  1. Which statement best describes your eating habits?
  2. You walk out of the hairstylist's with the most ridiculous hairstyle. You:
  3. Your friends are whispering and suddenly stop when you sit beside them. You:
  4. You find your boyfriend chatting with his ex. You:
  5. You have a math exam tomorrow, but your bestie wants to hang out tonight. You:
  6. When it comes to your schedule, you're most like:
  7. A huge pimple pops up on your forehead. How do you deal with it?
  8. Your crush is throwing a huge party, and you haven't receive any invitation of any kind. You:
  9. Thanks for taking this quiz. I hope you enjoyed! And please comment if you have any suggestions on how I can improve ( please be nice :) )
  10. Bye-bi! Don't forget to rate!

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Quiz topic: How stressed am I?