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My wedding date, the preparations, etc. This is the quiz to inform everyone of the wedding of Oliver and I. Okay, I can't believe I'm getting stressed out xD

Alrighty then. Do people even read these paragraphs? I know I do because sometimes it can be very informative xD Haha...I feel awkward for some reason !

Created by: Aria

  1. Hey there. It's Aria. Okay so you gotoquizers may have known I was planning a wedding with Oliver. Guess what? It's back on!
  2. The date is TOMORROW!Yes, it's very soon so this is why i am calling ALL gotoquiz users. I NEED YOUR HELP.
  3. Okay so here I go. I need xxblutixx, natuhleegayle, HogwartsLove, PuffBall, angelic4, WTF_NINJA, TheRecklessBam and others.
  4. I need your help because I need the music from PuffBall seeing that she's the dj. HogwartsLove is the pianist for the wedding and TheRecklessBam is my maid of honour. natuhleegayle, xxblutixx, DracoIsMines, singin234 and Ambrosia are my bridesmaids. The flower girls are WTF_NINJA and Maya. The pastor is Pooja, my friend and Oliver's best man is George.
  5. Alright, since I said that, I would like to say I need help with the Bachelorette party from Jaime, who sent me an email but since I email people a lot, I can't seem to find it. Also if Calypso1315 would like to help, it would be marvelous. I am terribly sorry I'm rushing everyone into this but it's just because anytime after tomorrow I wouldn't have time to do this.
  6. I would also like to take this time to say Crazy for you part 12 is out so go read it. :) Um..if you guys think I left out anything, please inform me. I am so stressed right now. Planning a wedding online isn't easy as it sounds.
  7. First, you have to get invitation cards, and all those other stuff. Oh! Everyone on gotoquiz is invited. Idc if you don't know me, or I don't know you. You are invited. EVERYONE IS INVITED. Okay, I think that is understood xD
  8. Okay...I'm breathing. I just need your guidance and help on this one. It's not something I can do by myself. I also need help with the reception. WTF_NINJA is very patient with me at the moment and I can praise her for that because I've been having outbursts and acting strange.
  9. If anyone has any ideas for the bachelorette party, please email me at hallo_night@hotmail(.)com without the brackets and the spaces. Just remember, there are no capitals ^.^
  10. Bye

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