What Do I Think About You?

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This is the most important quiz you can ever take. You will find out what I think about you. That's all that matters in life. Are you sure you're ready to take this quiz? You might not be awesome enough yet.

In other news, the Middle East is at war and stuff. It's probably important. I don't get out much, or watch the news, so I don't really know. But some people think about those things.

Created by: Joe Shabadoo

  1. If you had to ride something, you know, to get around, what would that something be?
  2. What of these would you like to eat right now?
  3. Do you know the Muffin Man?
  4. Does the moon exist?
  5. If you could have a super power, what?
  6. What do you think of me?
  7. How many questions are left in this quiz?
  8. What is your favorite movie?
  9. Favorite band, question mark
  10. If you're driving at 34 mph, and a train is coming in the opposite direction at 40 knots, what time is it?

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