How well do you know me...?

Are you ready...?? Ready to test your knowledge, your brain power, your genius!? How well do you really know me? Find out now by taking this quiz! You may know me better than you think... or not as well as you had hoped, NOW is time to find out for sure!

Do you know what color my car is? What was the name of my first pet? or what color the walls of my room are? Well, none of that matters, becasue they aren't on the quiz....but what does matter is that you take this quiz and find out how much you DO know about me.

Created by: Laura

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  1. What is my middle name?
  2. Which bad was I NOT obsessed with at some point in my lifetime?
  3. Which color have I not attempted to dye my hair?
  4. Which occupation, or life plan, have I never desired?
  5. Which of these movies do I DISlike?
  6. Which band/artist do I currently enjoy?
  7. What MTV show do I secretly like?
  8. What is my favorite television network?
  9. Which country have I visited?
  10. What is my cars name?
  11. Here are some freebies...What was my favorite subject in my early college education?
  12. What was my first real job?
  13. What is my favorite city in the world (that I have seen so far)?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know me...?