Are you really ready to own your first horse?,

Are you really ready to take care of and own your very own horse? ( or pony ) If you want to find out then taking this quiz would be a great start!!!!

This quiz tests to see if your ready for a horse,do you have the knowledge and time for one? Perhaps, the commitment? Please answer truthfully! Happy quizzing!

Created by: April321

  1. How much time each day are you planning on spending with your horse?
  2. How often does a horses hooves need to be trimmed?
  3. How long have you been working with and riding horses?
  4. How many gaits does a horse have?
  5. How often should you feed a horse?
  6. What is tack?( in horse language )
  7. How often should a vet vaccinate a horse?
  8. Is it important to clean out a horses hoof?
  9. What is a good starter horse for a new owner?
  10. Is hay important in a horses diet?

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Quiz topic: Am I really ready to own my first horse?,