Are you ready to own a horse?

There is a TON to know about the ways of horses. Everyone wants to know if they are ready...well take this test and find out just how ready you are!!!

Do you know the basics of horse life? Or perhaps you might need to do just alittle more studying before you go horse hunting. Find out once you take this test!

Created by: breiluvbug

  1. If your horse is on the ground rolling and trying to kick his stomach, what do you do?
  2. If you see someone throwing stones at your foals you...
  3. If you moved and you had to leave your horse behind, you would...
  4. When you feed your horse, what time do you get up to do so?
  5. How much time would you spend with your horse
  6. When your horse is muddy and slimy you...
  7. How much time do you read up on horses?
  8. If your horse shattered its leg you would
  9. If your horse had terminal cancer you would...
  10. Your horse is about to foal, the roads are packed and the vet can't make it. Somethings wrong with the birthing, you...

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Quiz topic: Am I ready to own a horse?