Are you ready to own a horse?

Many people believe they are able to own and care for a horse. But a lot of people are mistaken -- it's not easy to own an animal that eats, poops, and requires so much. See if you could be a great horse owner, or if you take no interest in caring for one 24/7.

In this quiz, you'll be able to see if you really are one of those people that are willing to give up things to own a horse, or fail at making a committment to responsibility.(Your results are only by how you answer! Nothing personal!)

Created by: Emily

  1. Starting off, this quiz is really only for people that don't have horses, but if you do, I guess you can just take this for fun. So, do you own any horses already?
  2. What discipline do you ride?
  3. If you did own a horse, how much would you ride in a week?
  4. When would you brush your horse?
  5. How often would you wash your horse?
  6. If you did own a horse, where would you keep him?(At where you live now)
  7. How often would you muck out your horse's stall?
  8. What would you feed your horse?
  9. How often would you feed him?
  10. When would you visit the farrier?
  11. When would you see the vet?
  12. In general, how much time would you spend with your horse?
  13. Okay, last question. Would you be willing to spend your time, money, and space on your horse?

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Quiz topic: Am I ready to own a horse?