The hardest Horse Quiz around!!!

you think you know about horses?you think one day you could could be in the olympics? if so then tryout this quiz to see if you could have a career with horses-or just if you know a lot abourt them.

not much longer... in a few minites the hors-bad will be sseperated from the horse-bad!do you think you are ready to take on the hardest horse quiz around... good luck!

Created by: hezena
  1. what two breeds must you cross to create an anglo-arab?
  2. what breed of horse is always completely black and is traditionaly a carridge-pulling horse?
  3. which of these horse colours does not exist?
  4. when you her the word badminton what do you think of?(horse related)
  5. which following item is NOT compulsory whilst riding?
  6. you find a horse lying down trying to kicks its belly and turning its head towards its belly.what do you do?
  7. what type of horse boots would you use if your horse was over-reaching? (kicking its front legs with is back legs)
  8. what equestrian sport do famous riders piggy french,mary king and william fox-pitt compete in?
  9. what discipline are thoroughbreds famous for specalizing in?
  10. what wouldnt you look for in a fit,competitive show-jumping horse?
  11. which one isnt a name of any of the different types of welsh pony?
  12. which one of these equestrian sports is not in the olympics?
  13. to compete at the olympics in show-jumping which breed would you ride?
  14. you have just scored 60 in your dressage test at burghly- what do you think?

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