Shawshank Redemption Quiz

Here is my quiz on the super badass movie Shawshank Redemption. I picked this movie cause it's pretty well know and I've heard it said mulitply times that any real movie watcher has this in their top ten favorite movies.

This quiz is twenty two questions long and I came up with them all myself I didn't watch it over again just looking for things to ask about. Hope you enjoy it.

Created by: Ellis Redding
  1. The guy who really killed Andy's wife was named?
  2. Red says when he first meets Andy that people don't like him because?
  3. What river did Andy throw his gun into when he didn't kill his wife?
  4. What whiskey was Andy drinking at the beginning of the movie?
  5. What was Red's interest on his smuggling business.
  6. When the Andy first shows up at Shawshank what does one of the other new prisoners ask the warden?
  7. What does Andy find in his food on his first morning in Shawshank?
  8. Whats the librarians name?
  9. What did the librarian name his pet crow?
  10. What contraband was found in Andy's cell?
  11. How much money did the captian of the guards get left to him by his brother?
  12. Andy got Red a present what was it?
  13. What was Reds main job at the prison?
  14. The alias Andy made up to take the fall for the warden, if the IRS caught on to the scams, was named?
  15. When Andy is carving his name into the wall of his cell and a chunk of cement brakes off he is working on which letter?
  16. What kind of rock does Andy show Red in the exercise yard?
  17. When Andy makes chess pieces he uses what types of stones?
  18. Who was this movie made in memory of?
  19. How many times was Tommy shot?
  20. What was Red's first and last name?
  21. Where did the librarian find the crow?
  22. What was the picture on the lid of the tin box Andy left stuff in for Red to find?

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