Red Dead Redemption 2 Personality Test

Red Dead Redemption 2 personality quiz. It took almost three hours to do so enjoy. Find which character you're most like. Note some of the characters represent a personality because I was limited to 10 characters.

Please answer honestly and truthfully. I tried to avoid the tropes of situation based and obvious character seeming answers. I went for a more true personality approach.

Created by: Micheal
  1. Friends would best describe me as:
  2. Would you consider yourself honest?
  3. If you had to assign yourself to a role, what would it be?
  4. Pick a College Major.
  5. Pick A Word
  6. What 7 Deadly Sin Do You Consider Yourself?
  7. This question doesn't count.
  8. Pick:
  9. Did you like this because I didn't like 3 hours gone by?
  10. LAST QUESTION: Are you outgoing?

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