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  • gtq is EMPTY man ._.
    "Dude so many people lied about things on here it was ridiculous. I was always so annoyed by it but played around with it and ignored it and ..."
  • *sniffle*
    "A typewriter's ghost."
  • gtq is EMPTY man ._.
    "Well duh, nobody else would say you said you had a different birthday cause you would have never said it under the Tara Love account. "
  • gtq is EMPTY man ._.
    "Wow. I'm really believing it. Besides I'm saying you're actually two people on here. You could easily actually be talkinga about the really ..."
  • gtq is EMPTY man ._.
    "How would you know what? Is Easter not on the same date every year? And even if it's not you could easily look that up."
  • gtq is EMPTY man ._.
    "Sure it is and if what you've already said before is true everyone has the password to the tara love account."
  • gtq is EMPTY man ._.
    "Wanna know what I think? I think you're lying. I'm pretty sure Tara Love was the one that told me their birthday was feb. 15th and it was de..."
  • *sniffle*
    "No. You're a ghost."
  • gtq is EMPTY man ._.
    "Wait... April 16th? Hmmm wasn't that somebody elses birthday? 0_-"
  • gtq is EMPTY man ._.
    "I'm pretty sure I'd have remembered that had I made that promise. Now I just need to remember whose birthday is february 15th... =\"
  • gtq is EMPTY man ._.
    "I wasn't drunk. -__- It just never happened."
  • gtq is EMPTY man ._.
    "Lol When did I Ever say that? I don't even know when your birthday was. Was it like february 15th or something?"
  • gtq is EMPTY man ._.
    "What freaking promise is that?"
  • I'm gonna go now....
    "See ya again."
  • f---.
    "I'm not saying I don't believe you. I was just saying that that's why I thought you might be. Though it does seem a little late for Heph to ..."

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