Ultimate Bird Test

Are you an expert and lover of birds? Do YOU have what it takes to defeat this extremely advanced bird quiz? And, if you just wanna try a bird test, this is the one.

No one on this quiz has ever, so far, got a 60 % or higher, so if you want to prove you're an expert, try this quiz and you'll find out. (Also by taking this you learn interesting facts!)

Created by: Vicki Beale
  1. How many times do hummingbirds beat their wings in a second?
  2. What is a peregrine falcon's top speed?
  3. What bird has the most feathers?
  4. How many broods can a zebra finch raise in one year???
  5. What bird is known to have heart attacks?
  6. What bird came in 2nd place in the voting for the USA'S national bird?
  7. What is Canada's national bird?
  8. What is Mexico's national bird?
  9. Which bird is the state bird for the most USA states?
  10. What is the slowest flying bird?
  11. What was the highest number of yolks found in a chicken's egg?
  12. TRUE OR FALSE? Northern cardinals are found only in North America.
  13. What do an eagle's talons have the force of?
  14. How many claws does a hoatzin have on its wings?
  15. Which of the following woodpecker species is rarest? (ivory-billed woodpecker not included)
  16. How many feet is the Wandering albatross's wingspan?
  17. Which of the following birds is NOT named after its call?
  18. What type of petrel was thought to be extinct for centuries, until its rediscovery in 1950?

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