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  • 100% who's a bird expert now!!!

    moonchild456 Dec 5 '14, 8:15PM
  • I got 94!!! Woo hoo!!!! I love this Quiz

    moonchild456 Dec 4 '14, 8:15PM
  • I beat mine and got 78%

    moonchild456 Dec 4 '14, 12:54AM
  • 72 % that's over 60 check the status I did it I love birds take my quiz on what bird you would be. ;-)

    moonchild456 Dec 4 '14, 12:51AM
  • wow 28% XD I'm WAY more of a cat expert. For example Cheetahs are the closest living relative to Saber Toothed CATS (not tigers, and they're called saber toothed cats not saber tooth tigers)

    0Blue Rose0 Oct 27 '13, 4:32PM
  • i got 33%. I took this test cause i am an, um, beginner bird expert. I am glad i got 33, cause what i am good at with birds is identifying them, not figuring out what bird has the most feathers. (is it the tundra swan?) But you gave me insparation. I'm gonna try to be better at that sorta stuff, but anyways, thank you so much!

    ladygagagurl4ev May 14 '12, 9:06PM
  • That quiz is unfair. Its completely American birds so i have no clue wtf your on about coz im aussie.

    feather Mar 9 '11, 2:03AM
  • You are 44% of a bird expert!

    Good job. Wow. I'm sooo impressed. You have failed. Visit my website: emraldsbirds.webs.c om to learn more about birds!

    Well thanks for making a quiz the average person won't know the answers to and then for sarcasm in the results. Oh well I'm just fine with what I got and I didn't cheat at all. =P

    Ellis Redding Jan 15 '11, 4:14AM

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