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  • "11% I'm only happy when I'm with friends, home is boring. Most of my friends are in the next state (my grandpa has a cabin there) It's…"

  • "filled with passion and independencey, you dont let anyone touch your friggin m&ms. Alaways intense and filled with excitement, you…"

  • "Your direct and fearless but never mean or rude. Your self-confident but often have an aloofness that tends to push others away. You…"

  • "wow 28% XD I'm WAY more of a cat expert. For example Cheetahs are the closest living relative to Saber Toothed CATS (not tigers, and…"

  • "Meh. I didn't like this quiz. Despite the way they've been portrayed in movies, saber-toothed cats weren't just big felines with enormous…"

  • "XD Try living in MY house! My dad doesn't even let me climb trees, my mom gets ticked off if you look at her wrong, babysitting a 2 year…"

  • "wow... not enough options and excuse me? What gives you the right to accuse people for anything if you don't personally know them? If…"

  • "The second biggest cat. Definitely one of the cutest cubs around you are very cute but hard to find, because you blend into the…"

  • "You are the Cat. Cats may befriend people and make friendly pets, but there are times when they "walk their wild lone" and can be…"

  • "Great Grey Owls (Strix Nebulosa) are the second biggest owls. They don't fly too smoothly, but they are great hunters. They hunt larger…"

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