What color M&M are you?

Ah, m&ms. Good old mercury and mars candy chocolate treats. Smaller than a figure nail. How has something so simple become an American classic. find out which one you are.

Ever did into a bag of m&ms and think about all of those tiny little chocolate goodies as little tiny beings in their own little chocolate world, and which color you would be if you could be chocolatified into their little m&m community? no, just me? ok..well thi quiz will tell you anyways...

Created by: Spencer
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. while working in a group setting..
  2. your friends are bored..
  3. someones birhday is approaching, you buy them a card. the card is..
  4. favorite soda..
  5. favorite card suit
  6. favorite sport TO PLAY
  7. uh oh...youve come a cross a word you dont know...
  8. you just bought a brand new puppy, you name it..
  9. favorite tv channel
  10. Do you love me?

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Quiz topic: What color M&M am I?