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  • filled with passion and independencey, you dont let anyone touch your friggin m&ms. Alaways intense and filled with excitement, you are usually done your bag your bag of m&ms in 1minute and 32.6 seconds...and welcome any competitors.
    True. .. So, true. Though it's more like 10 seconds. XD I just shove em all in my mouth!

    0Blue Rose0 Oct 27 '13, 4:42PM
  • brown. pretty darn close.

    bookworm14 Dec 23 '08, 10:21AM
  • What color M&M are you?
    Your Result: brown

    the true m&m. You are friendly and dependable. You like to keep your s--- simple. You don't bulls--- your m&ms. you like your friggin chocolate...now..please


    It's kinda true. Cool Quiz.

    Puppy xo1 Mar 9 '08, 9:58PM
  • red... i luv it! gr8 quiz


    LittleMissMusic Feb 26 '08, 11:16PM
  • i got green thats funny it doesnt describe me at all =/

    livinlaughinlovintillidie Feb 25 '08, 7:11PM
  • interesting quiz. i got green that's so me. i like it, 9 stars!

    rguitar Feb 25 '08, 4:06PM
  • ...Interesting to say the least...
    Five stars.

    Irish_Willow Feb 25 '08, 3:27PM
  • hey that was tite! Check out my how slim shady r u quiz or what kind of girl do u like quizzes.

    olliepug Feb 25 '08, 3:25PM
  • I thougt that was great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is totally me.

    tonyrms Feb 25 '08, 11:48AM

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