Find the bird in you

Wouldn't it be cool to be a bird? Well, maybe not to some people, but this quiz can find out what bird YOU would be if you were one. With all the many types of birds, you can only guess what you might get.

This quiz is designed to take you into the bird world. The first four questions (not including gender and age) take you into a bird story. It's like you are a plain creature with wings and these questions help form what bird you are. The rest are just side questions and help support the first four. Can't wait to find out? Take this quiz now!

Created by: Snowwhisker
  1. Describe your size: (be honest!)
  2. You get hungry and decide to eat some....
  3. You're full and decide to make your home.....
  4. You are set up and you decide to explore your new home. How do you fly?
  5. The most important part of your journey is....
  6. Your best feature is....
  7. What colors are you?
  8. Who are your bird friends? (You can't get any of these for results)
  9. Pick your favorite set of letters out of these: (This counts! Choose wisely!)
  10. You always keep up your....
  11. True/False: You are afraid of humans.
  12. Describe your wingspan.
  13. Ready to create your bird? (Doesn't count to your score)

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