Are you Parrot Smart?

Do you know your bird? The amount of people with parrots have grown and parrots are now a common pet. Birds are very complicated creatures. To live a long and happy life they have to have an educated owner. Remember some parrots outlive their human companions with proper medical care and good nutrition.

I know you love your feathered bundle of joy but how well do you know your bird? Take the quiz to find out if you know all or need to learn more. There are many resources to learning about your parrot. Search the internet for sites on parrot safety and about avian disease. Libraries carry many parrot books.

Created by: Lynda Lewis
  1. A proper diet for a parrot consist of:
  2. Which is the name of a virus that causes high levels of mortality in young parrots?
  3. Psittaciformes are:
  4. Keratin is:
  5. A proventriculus is:
  6. Which is the name of a deadly parasite spread by possums and cockroaches. Ingested by the bird through food contaminated by roaches.
  7. Conures are?
  8. Urates are:
  9. A closed aviary is:
  10. Zoonosis is:
  11. PTFE is:
  12. A syrinx is:
  13. The name of a disease caused by fungus spores, the lungs and air sacs fill with white masses causing breathing problems. The fungus grows well in corn cob bedding
  14. Finish the statement: Toys are ...........

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Quiz topic: Am I Parrot Smart?