How smart are you?

ARE YOU SMART? No, REALLY? Are you lying? This quiz is to test that. You have to not only be BOOK smart, but also be COMMON SENSE smart. If you really are as smart as you think you are (which most people are not) then this test will be a breeze. But if you aren't smart....

I will give you a few hints on what to expect. YES, I DID spell YELOW wrong. YES, a dime is worth twice as much as a nickel. YES, ethinomical IS a word. Come on, if you don't know the answers to THESE questions, you should seriously consider going back to KINDERGARDEN.

Created by: valerie

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  1. There are two buses in front of you: A yellow bus and a blue bus. Which one do you take?
  2. Till has 6 apples. He gives Will 5. How many does Bill have?
  3. What does ethinomical mean?
  4. 9+(12-2)8
  5. You are trapped inside a dark room with one match, a newspaper, a log, and a candle. Which do you light first?
  6. Which is worth more: A pound of nickels or half a pound of dimes?
  7. QUICK! Pick a color!
  8. What's the capital of Wisconsin?
  9. Just wondering... What was your elective grade on your last report card?
  10. What time is it?

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