How well do you know The Series of Unfortunate Events

Do you have what it takes to take my quiz ? Are you a genius even if you don't do well on my quiz don't feel bad you will still be a smart person. Go ahead it will be fun to see how you did on this quiz. Are you smart or are you genius smart?

Are you smart, do you have what it takes to take my quiz? Proove your smarts by seeing how well you do on my quiz.It is tempting to find out and you might want to realx before you take this quiz.

Created by: Chelsea

  1. What is one of the names of the orphans?
  2. How many Baudelaire orphan(s) are there?
  3. What is the name of the banker that takes care of the Baudelaires, but not very well?
  4. What happened to Klaus in the fourth book, The Misserabler Mill?
  5. Where was Count Olaf's hideout in, The Ersatz Elevator?
  6. True or False Beatrice Baudelaire is the name of the Baudelaire mom.
  7. Was Dewey Denoument killed in the twelve book?
  8. What is Lemony Snicket's real name?
  9. Is Quigley Quagmire alive?
  10. What do the letters V.F.D. mean?
  11. What eventually happened to Count Olaf?
  12. What did Mr.Poe give to the Baudelaires even though they are alergic to them?
  13. What disguise did Count Olaf have in the third book?
  14. What killed Aunt Josephine's husband, Ike?
  15. What happened to Kit Snicket after her baby was born.
  16. What happened to Kit Snicket's baby girl?
  17. What happened to Esme,Carmiletta, and Justice Strauss?
  18. Was it true that long before the Baudelaires were born their mom and Lemony Snicket were in love?
  19. What was the cure to the Meducoid Mycellium?
  20. What does a herpetologist do?
  21. Count Olaf was trained for the V.F.D.?
  22. In what two books was Sunny kidnapped in?
  23. How did the Baudelaires slide down the Slippery Slope?
  24. What did Klaus hold in his hands and remembered that it was his birthday when the three of them were in a jail cell?
  25. What was the name of the girl that stood up to Count Olaf and wouldn't let him come on the island?
  26. Was Friday's dad really dead like her mother had told her?
  27. What was the disguisee of Count Olaf in The Austere Academy?
  28. What did Violet's teacher like to eat all of the time?
  29. What did the Vice Principal Nero make Sunny work as?
  30. What did Vice Principal Nero play terribly?
  31. Who's life did Lemony Snicket write about?
  32. Did Violet marry Count Olaf like he had planned?
  33. Which Baudelaire got infected by the Meducoid Mycellium?
  34. Violet is the inventor, Klaus is the reader, what two things are Sunny?
  35. What happened to Violet in the eighth book?
  36. What was on Count Olaf's left anckle that revealed his identity?
  37. Mr. and Mrs.Poe bought the Baudelaires very ugly and itchy clothes.
  38. Did the Baudelaires have any pets?
  39. Are the Baudelaires unique children?
  40. Do the Baudelaires have a miserable life?

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