Are you a true Series of Unfortunate Events fan?

Have you had the misfortune to read Lemony Snicket's noble "A Series of Unfortunate Events"? Then the bells of misery, weariness, and regret must loudly ring.

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Created by: Betty
  1. How many of the books have you read?
  2. What's V.F.D.?
  3. Let's say you're dining at a restaurant and a waiter says to you, "I didn't realize that this was a sad occasion." If you want to answer back in code, you might say...
  4. Tea should be ___________________
  5. Who are the Quagmires?
  6. Book 1: What beach were the Baudelaires on when they learned of their parent's death?
  7. "So many things end in _____"
  8. Who is Beatrice?
  9. What is the Sebald Code?
  10. Book 2: Uncle Monty's full name is...
  11. Book 3: Aunt Josephine wears her hair...
  12. Book 4: Sir's actual name is...
  13. Book 5: Vice Principal Nero has a tie with pictures of what on it?
  14. Book 6: How many elevator doors are there in the apartment building?
  15. Book 7: What kind of hats do the elders wear?
  16. Book 8: What's the name of the store that the Baudelaires stop at on their way away from V.F.D.?
  17. Book 9: What's Sunny's fake name when she's pretending to be a part human, part wolf?
  18. Book 10: The insects the older Baudelaires encounter on their travels up the mountains are called...?
  19. Book 11: What is the Queequeg's nickname?
  20. Book 12: Where is the deadly fungus hidden?
  21. Book 13: What is the only thing the Baudelaires and Count Olaf have to eat at the beginning of the book, before they reach the island?
  22. If you hear a noise and ask your mother what that noise was, and she replies "Nothing," what should you say if you're talking in code?
  23. Complete this rhyme: "When we drive away in secret, [Fill in the blank] So don't scream when we take you, [Fill in the blank]."

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Quiz topic: Am I a true Series of Unfortunate Events fan?