North American bird quiz-Beginners

Have you ever wondered if you knew much about birds? Probably not, but if you have or haven't it doesn't matter cuz you'll enjoy this quiz! It is specifically on birds.

North american birds, to be exact. This quiz is for beginner bird watchers, lovers, or just for fun. Well... I ran outta things to say so, I guess... Enjoy!

Created by: Vicki
  1. Where does the tree swallow nest?
  2. Is it true that some birds hibernate?
  3. Which of North american blackbirds has the widest range?
  4. Which of the following birds is introduced?
  5. What is the winter habitat of the Black scoter?
  6. What color is the belly of a western kingbird?
  7. What two colors are the wing patches of the red-winged blackbird?
  8. TRUE OR FALSE? Ruffed grouse are non-migratory.
  9. What is the only state a Kirtland's warbler can be found in?
  10. What season do ruffed grouse males display in?
  11. What color mostly or completely covers the groove-billed ani?
  12. What color is the body of a female brown-headed cowbird???
  13. How many eggs do mourning doves lay?
  14. TRUE or FALSE. American robins can hear well and that's how they detect worms.
  15. TRUE or FALSE? Herons can be found in Canada. (not including close to border.)
  16. Which of the following egrets was introduced to north america in 1952, and spread from the south to Canada that fast?
  17. Where do Least terns nest?
  18. To which family does the roadrunner belong?
  19. Baltimore orioles and Bullock's orioles were once thought to be the same species. What was this species called?
  20. What family does the Dickcissel belong in?
  21. How many species of loon are found in North America?
  22. What is the largest of those loons? *Only 3 choices so you still don't know how many loons there are total!*
  23. How many native species of cuckoo are found in North America?
  24. TRUE or FALSE? Greater roadrunners AND Wild turkeys can fly.

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