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For the bird lovers out there, here are our best avian quizzes to entertain and challenge you. How deep is your bird knowledge? And should you keep one as a pet? Find out now.

Our Birds Quizzes

  • Which Raptor Are You?
    [by: sschmeer, rated: rated: 3.86/5, published: May 7, 2012]

    Raptors, also known as birds of prey, are found all across the world. Some soar, some migrate, some are really chatty, and some even dance. Which one are you?…

  • What kind of bird are you?
    [by: annafrozen12, rated: rated: 4.11/5, published: Jul 28, 2016]

    If you would like to know which bird you would be, here's your chance. Includes pictures and detailed descriptions.

  • Which bird is right for you?
    [by: Sophie, rated: rated: 3.8/5, published: Sep 13, 2017]

    Are you thinking about getting a pet bird? Find the right one for you.

  • What is your bird type?
    [by: Vicki Beale, rated: rated: 3.77/5, published: Jan 13, 2011]

    Have you ever wondered what bird species you're most like, or if you're one of the smartest/best birds of all? This quiz is long, inspiring, touching, and the…

  • What Type Of Owl Are You?
    [by: sorentheowl, rated: rated: 3.63/5, published: Jan 30, 2011]

    Owls...everyone thinks they are evil or dark, except the cool people. Owls are intelligent, misunderstood, nocturnal birds with excellent skill, and can be…

  • Ultimate Bird Test
    [by: Vicki Beale, rated: rated: 2.77/5, published: Jan 14, 2011]

    Are you an expert and lover of birds? Do YOU have what it takes to defeat this extremely advanced bird quiz? And, if you just wanna try a bird test, this is…

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