Bird Care Quiz, How Much Do You Know?

Heyo! In this quiz we're pretending we have a brand new bird and we need to get the cage ready, diet, and bathing. Do you think you can ace this quiz?

I don't know what to put here so I'm gonna list some bird breeds. -Budgie -cockatoo -cockatiel -yellow faced parrotlet -scarlet macaw -love bird -canary -sun conure.

Created by: Annmarie Lee
  1. Hi there! Ok first of all your going to do the cage setup, but to start off what are some classic/popular bird breeds that are great for beginners?
  2. Is there such a thing as a “too big cage”
  3. Which of the following perches are good for the bird?
  4. Which perch is ALSO good?
  5. Great! Now how many toys should be in the cage?
  6. Now that you have some toys, which one is great for MOST birds?
  7. Almost done with the cage! (Not including food + water bowls) oh wait! Shall we add one last extra thing?
  8. Yay! Done with the cage, now lets do the food! Should birds have an all seed diet?
  9. What is good and healthy for birds diet?
  10. Now that we're done with that lets give the birb a bath! Should you put the bird directly under the shower head?
  11. But when is the proper time to bathe the bird?
  12. But how should we do it?
  13. Whew! That was a long day! But I think the little guy should go to bed now. Should we put a blanket over the cage?

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Quiz topic: Bird Care Quiz, How Much do I Know?