What Bird is best for you!

So many birds. Which to chose... Hmm, not to big not to small, perfect for me... I gotta find out...

Well! Find on here right now! Canary, or a Budgie, Conure, Macaw, Lovebird... Find your new feathered friend here! There are 17 questions answer them honestly!

Created by: Birds101
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. How long do you think you can manage your new feathered friend?
  2. What is your Budget for the Bird its self?
  3. How much will you pay for the Cage alone?
  4. How much will the monthly toy budget be?
  5. How much will the monthly food budget be?
  6. How long will you be able to take out your bird and play with it daily?
  7. Do you have Children?
  8. How much do you think the max is for the Vet Bill?
  9. How much Bird poop can yah take?!
  10. What personality do you want in your new feathered friend?!
  11. Do you want your feathered friend to Talk/Sing/Or imitate sounds?
  12. How much flight space will there be for your new bird?
  13. Do you live in an Apartment or Home?
  14. What Colours do you want for your pet?
  15. What kind of bird do you want?

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