How much do you know about canaries?

Canaries are beautiful birds who were found on the Canary Islands.How much do you know about canaries? Do you know enough to be able to have a bird? Take this quiz and find out!

If you've researched enough, we bet you'll get a good score. If not keep trying and researching! You can do it if you try! Let's do this! First, a quick fact: canaries can't eat avocado

Created by: Alaina
  1. Which of these foods can't a canary eat?
  2. Which cage shouldn't you get?
  3. Do canaries like having a bath
  4. What food should you give them everyday apart from seed
  5. What should you check before you let your canary out of your cage
  6. Which of these don't canaries like
  7. Do you think you know a lot about canaries
  8. Canaries need to be played with
  9. Canaries need a tomato a day
  10. Canaries should be taught to unlock their cages

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about canaries?