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  • this is a good quiz, but some of the questions could have multiple answers. Also I do not like the term 'starter parrot', because a) budgies deserve as much love and care as any other parrot, and b) that definition makes people think of them as kind of throwaway pets. The other question I was a bit confused about is the one about healthy foods where the answer is vegetables, because what's really healthy is a balanced diet made of all of the options. Great quiz though!

  • Dear Creator,

    This is a really good quiz. Just to correct you there are no starter parrots. Sorry to say. I think it might be 9/10 because most of the phrases and words people should understand. Even I can't spell that well on a computer sometimes so I don't know what people are saying!

    If I were you, I would be proud of myself :). Its really good Creator.

    PS: Good Luck In Future :)!

  • Dear reader,

    Sorry to say, but this isn't a 5 star quiz. Nope, not four star. 3? Nope guess again. It's around a 2.453198, or 2. (That's a 4/10, btw.)

    I have a few complaints on the questions, not my score.

    1. BUDGIES ARE NOT BEGINNER BIRDS! I'm sorry but it's true. Budgies shouldn't be classified as the bird who people should get first because they don't know how to take care of birds and the budgie is just a " first try". NO! They deserve better! They are smart, adorable little birbs, and if you can't see that, you shouldn't have a bird.

    2. There are questions with 2 correct answers, such as #6(foraging and shredding) and #9(veggies, pellets, and fruit).

    So yeah, those were my complaints.
    Thanks for reading,
    a fellow birder

    P.S. Umm, what does the creator mean by "marshmallow"?

    a fellow birder
  • Question 1 is wrong off to begin with. There are no such things as starter parrots. People need to stop with this midset. Budgies are also not throw away pets. Even if they are lower costing, need as much effort as a big macaw.

    Question 6 is a trap, They should have both foraging and shredding toys in their cage. Not sure where you heard just foraging toys will do....

    Question 9 should be veggies, sprouts, herbs, flowers. Look into what your species naturally eats in the wild.

    Question 12 does depend on the bird, not the human. Also unless you clean your sinks out with naturally parrot friendly cleaners, never let your bird bathe in a sink. Not even sure what a bath house is. I use a water fountain myself, so my parrots can all decide for themselves when they want to. It also acts as an alternative drinking source. My c---atiel prefers a pray bottle. Forcing your parrot to only take 1 way to bathe can cause serious issues.

    Question 13 should be known, make sure if you do cover the cage that the cover itself is not close enough to the bars where your parrots might be able to chew on them. This can cause a lot of health problems down the road if they do!

  • 54%. I rated 4/5 because some of the words were spelled wrong(examples: Too, not to. Bird not birb.) but I also type fast and spell things wrong. If you have an account, you can edit the quiz... Just sayin