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SpongeBob SquarePants is a popular american cartoon. No matter what one does, it's impossible to avoid seeing the absorbent yellow guy and his companions, he's everywhere. But how well do you know the show?

From questions about the world of SpongeBob to questions about seasons, episodes, crew of the show, everything is in this quiz. Can you answer them all?

Created by: rolandds1
  1. What does SpongeBob live in?
  2. Where does SpongeBob work?
  3. What animal is Squidward?
  4. What city/town does the show take place in?
  5. Does SpongeBob go to any type of school?
  6. What irl pet do snails represent in the show?
  7. What irl pet do worms represent in the show?
  8. What irl pet/animal do scallops/clams represent in the show?
  9. Which is NOT a real character?
  10. How many cousins does SpongeBob have?
  11. Who are NOT Patrick's real parents? (yes, Patrick has two sets of real parents due to them having been changed for the sake of one of the spinoffs)
  12. What's Plankton's pet called?
  13. Which is NOT a real location in SpongeBob?
  14. What's SpongeBob's mom's MAIDEN name?
  15. Does SpongeBob have outie or innie belly button?
  16. Who did Plankton NOT team up with in any way in any episode?
  17. Has Squidward ever written a symphony?
  18. What's Squidward's address?
  19. Have SpongeBob, Patrick and Squidward been on a plane together in an episode?
  20. Has Goofy Goober's appeared only in the first movie, or did it also appear in the series?
  21. What year was the pilot, "Help Wanted" originally made?
  22. What date was the pilot ("Help Wanted") first AIRED ON TV?
  23. When is SpongeBob's (character) birthday?
  24. How many FULLY RELEASED seasons are there as of December 2023?
  25. Is SpongeBob still running as of December 2023?
  26. How many seasons are there including the one that is not fully released (as of Dec 2023)?
  27. How many seasons are there if we also include any confirmed/ordered season, even which does not have any episodes yet (as of Dec 2023)?
  28. How many RELEASED movies are there as of Dec 2023? (not counting TV movies)
  29. How many movies will there be if we include unreleased (including spinoff films) ones that are confirmed as of Dec 2023? (still not counting TV movies)
  30. How many released TV movies are there as of Dec 2023? (like, 40+ minute episodes)
  31. How many (this time including future ones) TV movies are there as of Dec 2023?
  32. Which is NOT an actual Christmas special in the show?
  33. Which is NOT an actual episode of the show?
  34. Who did NOT work on the show?
  35. How many spinoff shows are there as of Dec 2023?
  36. Which one is NOT an actual spin-off (as of Dec 2023)?
  37. What year was the first SpongeBob spinoff show released?
  38. Has any of the spinoffs ended as of Dec 2023?
  39. Is any of the spinoffs confirmed (as of Dec 2023) to end sometime soon?
  40. Who created SpongeBob?
  41. Who became the showrunner after the original creator left in 2004?
  42. Who became the showrunner after the creator's death in 2018?
  43. Who is someone who has NEVER composed music for SpongeBob?
  44. How many episodes (NOT individual segments, I mean episodes that usually consist of 2 segments) does the main show have if we only count the ones that have aired as of Dec 2023?
  45. Has there ever been an episode (as of Dec 2023) in the main show that didn't have any SpongeBob, not even a cameo or a mention?
  46. Has SpongeBob ever had a crossover (as of Dec 2023)?
  47. Which season is the episode "Jellyfishing" from?
  48. Which season is the episode "Chocolate with Nuts" from?
  49. Which season is the episode "One Coarse Meal" from?
  50. Which season is the episode "Single-Celled Defense" from?

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