How Well Do You Know Your Birds?

There are many intelligent humans, and only few are very smart. Try my quiz about the avian world, and find yourself improving greatly, because, you can't be smart if your score wasn't 90-100!

You are not smart enough to qualify for my awesome bird quiz, are you? Well, smarty-pants, if you are, come right over and do this quiz! Don't be a coward!

Created by: Pelli
  1. Which of these birds is a common feeder bird?
  2. Which of these birds is nicknamed "Snowbird"?
  3. Which of these birds is named after its vocalization?
  4. Which of these birds is native to China?
  5. Which of these birds has a renowned courtship ritual?
  6. Which of these birds visits feeders to eat other birds?
  7. Which of these birds flies backward and upside down?
  8. Which of these birds is the fastest?
  9. Which bird attacks humans who wander too close to its nest?
  10. Which bird stamps on snakes?
  11. Which bird has the best hearing?
  12. Which bird squawks its name?
  13. Which bird is renowned for its ear-splitting vocabulary?
  14. Which bird is very cute and tame?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know my Birds?