Do you know your birds? (North American)

This is a quiz on the birds of North America. First, the quiz will be pretty easy, and multiple choice questions. Then comes the true or false questions.

And after the true or false questions, two challenging ones. Are YOU a bird expert? Do you have the knowledge on birds that will lead you to being an expert???

Created by: EmraldYE
  1. This bird is a type of jay. It has a harsh call. Its head is black. Its body is deep, rich blue. It lives out west.
  2. Now this bird is a species of grebe. It is black and white. It has a yellow bill. It is a large type of grebe. It performs "dancing" mating rituals.
  3. This bird is a species of owl. It lives in the east. It loves swamps. It has a call like "Who cooks for you? Who cooks for you ALL?"
  4. This is a type of dove/pigeon. It has a purring call. It likes cities, farms, and other areas close to humans. It will eat seeds and food scraps. It was introduced to North America.
  5. This bird is in the swallow family. It is blue with white underparts. It has a twittering call with many gurgles. It is a fast flyer. It will nest in nest boxes.
  6. This bird is a type of bunting. It has a blue head, red belly and green back. It lives in the south. Its population is declining. Females are dull green.
  7. This is in the family of thrushes. It hops among the ground for insects. It lays three blue eggs. It has a gray back and orange belly. Its alarm call is "tup-tup-tup. Peent! Tup-tup"
  8. TRUE or FALSE???? Red-cockaded woodpeckers are endangered.
  9. TRUE or FALSE??? Ruby-throated hummingbirds are the only hummingbirds that breed regularly in the east.
  10. TRUE or FALSE? House sparrows are native to North America.
  11. TRUE or FALSE???? Bald eagles have been taken off the list of endangered species!
  12. TRUE OR FALSE? (Last true/false) Robins find worms by eyesight.
  13. THE QUESTIONS HAVE GOTTEN HARDER!!! What year did the passenger pigeon become extinct?
  14. LAST QUESTION!!!! Will mountain bluebirds nest in nest boxes?

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