Are you a duck?

There are birds and then there are birds and then there are waterfowl. These birds are something special, the falt beaks, the webbed feet, the loving nature and intelligence of their species has taken them though the ages from the dinosaurs up to modern day.

Do YOU know the secrets of the duckish way of life? Did you pay attention in duck-class or were you catching insects with your beak? You are on your way to find out - take the duck quiz!

Created by: Outi Rasanen
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  1. Do you like to swim?
  2. Do you own a feathersuit?
  3. Do you prefer vegtarian food?
  4. Eating seaweed is. . .
  5. Pond-weed is. . .
  6. Do you prefer to sleep
  7. Look at your feet. Are they
  8. Do you polish your beak regularly?
  9. Do you prefer flat beak shapes to pointed ones?
  10. What about having eggs?
  11. Do you use paddle protectors?
  12. Which answer is synonym to the following action: "To move away frome home"
  13. Do you regularely talk about money as "nice rocks"?
  14. When you ask your mate for help picking out the suitable clothes for the evening, does he suggest you take "the white feathersuit"?
  15. Do you sleep with your head under your arm?
  16. The correct way to pick up a duck is:
  17. Do you eat sweatened seaweed on Saturdays only?

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Quiz topic: Am I a duck?